Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SUMMIT, to relive....

Hi all,

Works of SUMMIT is about to restart soon. We have given a request to the college authorities to consider the dates as 2,3 and 4 of February, 2009. We were in a tight corner while deciding the dates. MEC EXCEL ( is scheduled from 23-25 of January, 2009 and FISAT NAUTILUS 09 will be conducted from 30th January to 1st February. On 8th February will be the GATE Exam. After that week, there shall be CUSAT arts, College sports, mini project for S6 and Main Project for S8. College tour of 2010 batch will commence on 14th December and will end on 21st. As per the proposed academic calender, the first series test will be conducted at the end of January. So we find no other choice for this.

As per now, the dates will be confimed by the college authorities this week. Details follow.

All 2010 batch members, please join the following groups:


All CECians, please join:

Kindly join the above for keeping yourslves updated.

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Event Schedule And Committee List

The committee list and Event schedule uploaded.


Committee List

Event Schedule

Monday, July 21, 2008

Do things go slow?

Hi all,

59 Days to go

"Yesterday is gone......
Today is fleeting........
And tomorrow is yet to come......."

--- R. K Narayan .

Yes.... it seems time has wings... and we are absolutely running in short of time. Some people have asked if the works are going a bit slow. But our answer to them is an emphatic and big NO. The works are still going fine and much faster, I would say. We admit that there are some problems for us in conveying all these to you time by time. It's 'coz of the lack of time, I repeat.

Some guys from here had gone to Ernakulam yesterday for printing works. They include: Arjun, Sanoop, Sojo, Jofin, Rahul and ATM (And there's a happy news that ATM's second essay has been published in Electronics For You magazine. It's about Encoding and Decoding techniques using JAVA. The former was Measuring Processor Speed using JAVA. The former was published while he's in S3. Hats off to him for this wonderful and great endeavour). Those people were a success in taking quotations from different printing companies for SUMMIT related works. The final decision regarding to whom the quotation is to be given is under consideration.

And they could meet the Swadheshi people too, and had a chat with them regarding India Vision 2020. They were very much supportive and gave some suggestions too.

Arun M and Sajan went to Alappuzha for meeting the district authorities in regard of India Vision 2020. Unfortunately or fortunately, the last date of applying was 18th, the day they went. However, the head of the said team was satisfied with the intention of these two guys and was glad to invite both of them to his house, too, to show them the Bio-gas plant implemented in his house. He gave them the applications which are to be sent as soon as possible, duly signed by the Principal. But, we are running in short of time and are afraid if we can meet it or not. Let's try our level best.

And works of corporate brochure and all going well. The problem is that we don't have enough working hours. However, the team working behind it is damn confident of doing it on time. We are supposing to get the corporate brochure printed at least by tomorrow.

Catch you all very soon with the latest updates......

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Theme Music by Fredie and Mascot Video by ATM

Hi all,

62 Days to go

And at last, here's the theme music by our great musician Fredie Thomas of S5-C. It's the output of his efforts for a long period and he's done it really well. Hats off to him and I would request you all to download the song and use it in your mobiles, PCs etc and give maximum publicity among your friends inside and outside the college.

And we have brought an exciting video too.... our SUMMIT 08 Macot - Vie, which means 'LIFE". As we were sitting in Alok's room, he provided us with some editing tool, and we did some additions to this and it's here:

Hope you all enjoy it...Comments please.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

64 Days to go
Hi all,
It's been perfectly a month since we are here. As I have said earlier, it's not because of lack of interest, but lack of time. However, the important news to be cited here is nothing but, THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF SUMMIT 08. It worked very well. Videos and Pics of the same will be uploaded soon. Special Congrats to Laiju, Prince and Najeeb for the awesome work they did at the said occasion. A lot of other guys too were there for work, and all of them deserve special congrats. The Principal launched the logo, motto, theme music, website and the Mascot of SUMMIT 08. Mascot was done by ATM. The main personalities behind the websites are: Jofin Joseph, ATM, Toms Varghese, Rahul Raj etc. Special congrats to them all. Theme music is done by our great musician Freddie Thomas. He's done a marvellous work indeed. Congrats to him too. And the logo, as usual, by our ATM.

Mr. Libin, our chairman of the year 2007-08, was also present at the function. Special thanks to him for persuading his batchmates to contribute to SUMMIT 08. They have collected a good sum for us. Let's expect the same in the future too.

India Vision 2020 is on fire... Hot discussions are going on this. Lotta guys are here who are working hard for the same. They are collecting ideas and trying to implement. All are very supportive in this regard; I repeat and emphasize, all are supportive.

That's all for now...... catch you all later.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another post, after a long period

85 Days to go

Hi all,
Ah.. at last we came back.... with a new post. These days some of our friends were asking us why no posts these days. The answer is simple: no more special proceedings were done these days. Or I, the blogger of CEC SUMMIT 08, would say that only a few responses are there after reading the blog. We wouldn't say that it disappointed us. But those who are passive (I mean those from 2010 batch), mind that the blog is meant for proper communication of what all proceedings are done in SUMMIT 08. So all are supposed to read it, and at least those who are accessible to net. And your response is what matters. There are a group of people who always visit the blog and comment. They can be a model. I was thinkng of telling you all this, throgh the blog and am doing it after a long thought. It's high time we had an active spirit among us. Guys, we have seldom 85 days!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

On the right line and length

96 Days to go

Hi all,
we are so excited these days because we believe everything is going in the right track. Got all the appointments which were expected. Today we gave a presentation about summit to the parents immediately after the PTA meeting. Arjun, Rahul, Sanoop, Akhil and Anoop were in charge of that. Presentation was only meant to give an overview about the event to them. This was intended because we thought this presentation can be fruitful in the days to come.

Another discussion was about the Video Conferencing. G.C 's Suggestion was to conduct it in YMCA hall. Some of us supported conducting it in the college auditorium. At any cost this event is decided to give maximum exposure it can. Next week is fixed for a trial run of conference. No one is worried about the technical side because we have world class video conferencing equipment available in the college fully automated and with high end features and everything it need !


"... Risk less life is the biggest risk in life... "


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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ernakulam trip - Fruitful

97 Days to go

Hi all,
Today, a small team including Arjun, Arunanand, Sanoop, Susanna and Ansha went to Ernakulam. Our first aim was to arrange a workshop for SUMMIT. Shaun chettan really took pains for helping us. He took an appointment for us, waited for about 2 hours for us and came with us. We had a small meeting with the In-charge of workshop and workshop is arranged whose details will be announced later. Thank you so much for Shaun chettan for his dedicated and selfless work and support he has given us. He is also helping us in the arrangement of NDLP(Nationally Distinguished Lecturer Program). He said that he will talk to Mr.S.Gopakumar, National Coordinator, NDLP, India Council, Kerala Section(IEEE). In this context, we think it is essential to tell that ACV Sir of our college was the first person to talk to Gopakumar sir and that to on his on will. Thanks to him too.

The approximate expense of different print-outs like Posters, Brochures, Fluxes etc. is collected. The prices climbed a little above our expectations, but we wont be compromising on the quality of any.

The next agenda was a meeting with SWADESHI SCIENCE MOVEMENT (whose office is situated in Sastra Bhavan,4B Block,Mather square,opposite North railway station,Kochi. This meeting may be considered as the greatest leap for SUMMIT08 till now. The meeting was a very new and wonderful experience for all of us. They whole heartedly extended their help in arranging seminars, inviting resource persons etc.. Thanks to Jayettan, Arjunettan, Shanojettan and all the others working for the movement. The contact to SWADESHI MOVEMENT was provided by Ansha, whose brother also works for the same. Thanks a bunch to Ansha and her brother.

Meeting is going on...

A little of fun too in between...

Jayettan-He is a gem...

So today's trip to Ernakulam was a very fruitful one...

Today's Question

Question 1

Find errors if any,

char str[10]

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thanks to Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet

Hi all,

98 Days to go

There is a happy news for you all... Ms. Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet, a great French Lady working on GRID networking has agreed to co-operate with us for video conferencing. This is achieved mainly by the effort of our G.C: Mr. Arjun R. Pillai; hats-off to him. Her details can be had from the following URL:

(For those who don't know French, kindly use . It's the language tool provided by Google. (Some of us are not aware of most of the common services given by Google. From today onwards, we will introduce to you some of the common services given by Google. Hope you all willl enjoy it)

She has asked us to provide her collaborator with the technical details of the conference. ATM is working on it with the great suggestions from K.J. Most probably, a demo conference will be conducted in the next week itself, with any one of the local host.

We are all happy that our very first endeavour in finding the speakers is a success. And tomorrow, a group of students are going to Ernakulam, to have some discussions with a great guy there, to have some great resource persons(This contact was given by Ansha V Thomas of S5-B; thanks to her). Tomorrow's agenda includes visiting Energid (thanks to Shaun chettan) and some printing institutes.

Today Arjun and Arunanand had a long session with our Principal. They had about 5 requests with them. Seeing them all, the Principal couldn't help giving lots of advice, as usual, we would say. But the fact is that, whatever suggestions he gives will be of higher professional and organizational values. He's really a supportive Principal, and it's known to only those who knows him well. ANd he's given us permission to present before the parents about SUMMIT 08 for 15 minutes at the end of PTA forum formation in our college on 14th of this month. There's no decision regarding the Office room for SUMMIT yet. We have no free rooms left in the college. Such one left is supposed to be given to PRODDEC. However, we too are strongly trying for one. It's a well-known fact that we can't work without an office room.

But, he's asked us to do everything in some preset manner or channel. What he said is, if we need to get something done, the studnet in charge of that should give it in writing to the staff concerned and should be forwarded through that staff itself. We also think that that's the correct professional way to do things, but unfortunately, we are running in short of time and it's impossible to find the student as well as the staff in charges for the time being is a very very tedious task. That we have to speak to Mr. Ajithsen soon.

The informal contacts and letters for Dr. APJ are being performed. And we expect a positive result in the near future itself.

Today, Mr. K.J asked us to send the cash needed for registering the domain name. And now the domain is registered and the website is supposed to be hosted by the end of the next week. Toms has almost completed the registration works. Hats-off to him.

It's very sad to see that the heads of the committees are working somewhat irresponsible, we would indeed emphasize, except a few. Actually, there are about 30 heads and only 15 were present in the meeting conducted last day. Other people couldn't attend the meeting due to some technical reasons. But most of those who were present in the meeting have not worked out the plan. The meeting had asked them just to collect the contacts with Phone number and Email ID of the members of his/her committee. But SUMMIT is very sad and annoyed to see that only: Jithesh, Nithin Sam Oommen, John Paul, Sajeesh, Cerene and Sandeep have done it to date. Thanks to them, especially to Sandeep for the work done in a systematic and professional manner.

Today, the Principal asked us to give him a rough draft of what we expect from him as an 'Intro' in the corporate brochure. We had asked him to write one, but he asked us to do it and give it to him for necessary corrections. We were happy to see his positive response and we think it's necessary to specify Ms. Adheena Alex' name for preparing a highly professional and formal draft for the same.

And our seniors are helping us in all means. Especially, Mr. K.J, Mr. Githin, Mr. J.K, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Alan Haggai, Mr. Sooraj C.G, etc. This list is not complete. (Sorry if we missed anyone)

Answers to yesterday's Questions

Question 1: The answer is strstr()

Question 2: No answer.
Explanation: The question itself is illogical. Because there's only 9 places to be filled and 10 digits which must be used exactly once, which is so impossible.

Today's Question

Question 1

Which will be the correct output for the program module given below:

void main()
char str[]="peace";
char *s=str;


A) peace
B) eace
C) ace
D) ce

Question 2

How many squares are there in a chess board?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ha... Planning is Ok... 1% SUMMIT is complete

Hi all,
99 Days to go

Thus we successfully completed 1% job. Yesterday (10-06-2008) is a milestone in the history of SUMMIT 08. The proposal has been accepted by the Principal. It was a big one of about 35 pages. He went through that and commented that we must add the faculties' full name. That's a suggestion and he told us that he would forward the same for official notification.

Biju sir was very supportive, he signed and forwarded the proposal as soon as we approached him. The NRI admissions for 2008-09 were also going on in the college. Ajithsen sir gave us application for financial assistance forwarded. But we couldn't submit it to the Principal, as the file has yet not been opened.

We saw one of the executives of DELL today very accidentally and they informed us that DELL has opened an outlet in Kerala at Ernakulam. Actually, many guys were not taking laptops because there were no service centres in Kerala. Now, a solution has turned up. Many are gonna take laps soon and we are maintaining the relationship with that executive, Mr. Ramesh, for the sponsorship regards. We request you if any one of you or any friends of you are interested to take laptops, kindly contact either Arjun or Arunanand first, and let's go through SUMMIT channel, which, we suppose, will add to our sponsorship possibilities.

ATM, Rahul and Jofin went to Ernakulam today, to meet Mr. K.J. They are very happy that Mr. K.J has given them lots and lots of advice in all respect. Thanks to K.J

The executive has asked the Committee heads to collect and submit the contacts of the members of their group, but no response has been received yet. We would like to remind you about this now. Kindly do it before 11th of June, 5 P.M.

Campion meeting was also taking place at the College Canteen today after noon. We came to know that the date has been fixed.

You can download some important files here:

Final Proposal accepted by the Principal on 10-06-2008: Click Here

Final Committee list in: Click Here

Agenda for the meeting of Committee and Event heads on 09-06-2008: Click Here
(Those who were absent in the meeting, kindly go through the instructions)

(Press Conference conducted by SUMMIT 2005 organizing team at Kottayam. It's high time we did so)

(Inauguration of SUMMIT 05)

Answers to yesterday's Questions

Question 1: The Answer is 1.
Explanation: The operator "less than" (Sorry, we are unable to put the symbol of this here) works as a boolean, resulting either 1 or 0. x(less than)y results to 1 and then 1(less than)z also results to 1. then the whole result is 1.

Question 2: No Answer.
Explanation: This problem is known as Fermat's Last Problem, which remained unsolved for years and at last Andrew Wiles of Princeton University gave a proof. Pierrie De Fermat was a mathematician who always used to writing proofs for his theorems in the margin of his notebook. Once he wrote this theorem and noted that there's no enough space in the margin to write the proof. This caused the 'problem' for other Mathematicians for about 335 years. The equation specified here is known as Diophantine Equation. You can have more details about this at:

Today's Question

Question 1

Which of the following can be used to find the firt occurance of a given string in another string?


A) strchr()
B) strrchr()
C) strstr()
D) strnset()

Question 2

Substitute the Question mark(?) with appropriate digits from 0-9, once using exactly once.

? ? ? +
? ? ?
? ? ?

P.S: Kindly do not refer to Internet. Try to find out the answers by yourselves. Then only you can develop your abilities. Thank you for your interest to yesterday's question.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Final Proposal here

Hi guys,

100 Days to go

(There may be some misinterpretation as some of our guys itself specified: the word "we" means, the students of CEC as a whole. There should be no doubt in that. There's no case of misinterpretation or misunderstanding)

As we have asked Mr. K.J about the website, he has agreed to give us the space required free of charge. And we will only require to register the domain name. We are gonna register for 3 years as well as for one year. We are thinking of redirecting from the latter to the former and using the former as our official URL. All are request to pervade the former URL among wherever possible. We suppose, the site will be launched within 1 week. Toms, Jofin, ATM, Rahul etc are working on it for last few days and they are very professional in it. Hats off to them and SUMMIT 08 thanks them too. Special thanks to our beloved K.J.

Our G.C, Arjun's friend Mr. Nithin Shah(he says it's through an IEEE contact) has offered to provide us with a free SMS gateway(provided by "way2servers") for SUMMIT 08. The procedure is as follows:

The students seeking registration for SUMMIT 08 for any event may send an sms SUMMIT08 to 562635 and then they will receive a message showing "Thank you for registering. One of our team members will contact you soon". This will help, we believe, our registration procedure simpler and easier. All students of CEC are requested not to send messages now, as this is meant for the participants registering for events during SUMMIT.

Here's the link to the final proposal submitted to the college authorities:

From today onwards, we are thinking of including a set of selected questions which you would find interesting as well as challenging in an engineer's view(the idea has been put forward by Mr. Renjith Antony of CEC First batch; thanks to him for the wholehearted support). We think it'll be helpful for you for your campus interview also. Go through them and see how much you are upto. The answers to a particular day's question will be published the very next day, and all are requested to try out the problems and write your answers as comment to the respective post.

Today's Question

Question 1

Which of the following is the output of the C program module given below:

void main()
int x=10,y=20,z=5,i;
i=x(less than)y(less than)z;


A) 0
B) 1
C) Error
D) None of the above

Question 2

Find the solution to the following equation. (Here '^' stands for 'power raised to')
(a^n)+(b^n)=(c^n), provided a,b,c,n are natural numbers and n>2?

The answers will be published tomorrow. Keep updated.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Committee List prepared

Hi all,
We have prepared the Committee and Event member list (special thanks to Alok Mohan), as the teachers have asked us to submit it by today. Sojo is at home and he called today. He was in search of Poster n Brochure printing related issues, its price and all for last few days. Thanks to him for the work done.

Phone numbers of girls have not attached for security reasons. Each head will be given the contacts of the members of his Committee or event individually. Each head has to plan with the teacher dedicated for that event, as for now. Later discussions in this regard may be done in a meeting that's supposed to be conducted next week at the college. It's a very urgent and important issue and so every one is requested to co-operate.

There is a SMS Gup Shup group of all the heads, and you guys will be invited to the group. It's not like My Today. In My Today you have to send a message to join the group. But in SMS Gup Shup, you need not do so; we can invite you and add you directly and you need not spend your money in any respect. We think it's a good idea to do so for keeping our communication much more easier.

Also, as we approached Mr. Anoop K.J, he suggested that we may use .org instead of .com for the official web site. Also, he suggests and not to include 08 as the same domain can be used for all the SUMMITs in future too. All are requested to comment their suggestions.

You can download a copy of the Committee and Event Manager list submitted to the college:

All the heads are requested to go through the list and find who all are included in their committees, and kindly inform them personally that they are included in such and such committees as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Proposals accepted by word

Ah... at last.....

Our efforts of not less than 3 months have come to an end; but a start for another beginning. Now the game is on in the proper channel. Today we had a presentation session before the staffs: Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla, Ms. Sarakkutty, Mr. Anil Kumar C.V, Mr. Ajith Sen, Mr. Biju, Mr. Ashok T. Special congrats to Arjun R. Pillai and team for such an impressive presentation.

Here's a presentation of SUMMIT 08 we presented before the staffs:

All of them seemed to be very supportive, but they couldn't help criticizing certain events and all. They are absolutely against for "Fun Zone". They have asked us not to include other professional groups' programmes (CEC Nite) in our college, but our students'. It seems to be an interesting one; but we cited sponsorship as an important and major issue if we avoid cultural events completely. Then, Mr. Ashok said that we need not bother about the sponsorship that we would lose because of excluding cultural events and that they are ready to pool extra sponsorship through our staffs' contacts like Mr. Liju Philip's. We dunno if it would be practicable to avoid cultural completely and go for extra sponsorship. Let's see...

And now we are confident that it will be officially accepted by day after tomorrow. Mr. Ajith Sen sir is the proposed Staff Convener. This year the staff have assented to work with the students as they have provided us with a list of teachers specially dedicated for each event. They say that we should conduct SUMMIT this year, not as an event of students only, but as an event of the whole CEC - we are all happy.

On 4th June, 2008 soon after the first presentation for the staffs was over. Picture taken by Dawns Ichaayan. These guys with Ms. Susanna M. Santhosh of S5-C were at the presentation venue (Oh... God.. We were seeing such a furnished A/C conference hall of our college for the first time. We didn't know that there is such one there. It's near our Gim)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Theme Music by Our Great Freddie

Hi all,

Today is a day of a new leap for us in the endeavour SUMMIT 08. The theme music we have been waiting for is born to the best and the fullest. No one else deserves the credit and appreciation except, indeed, our incredible musician Freddie of S4-C. Oh! really great - a great Scottish blend. I don't have enough words to explain it. Freddie... hearty congrats to you and thanks a lot. you have doen a great job!!!

All of you can have the theme music of SUMMIT 08 here:

You may embed this music in your web pages using the code below:

We request all of you to download the music, enjoy and pervade it to wherever possible. Our final Motto and Logo will also be out within two days, we suppose. Let's rockkkkkk on........

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Till now

The final proposal has been submitted on 28th of May, 2008. As of now the proposed date has been assented by word by our Principal. The next staff meeting is supposed to fall on 3rd of June. We strongly believe that they would accept the proposal. Kindly have a look at the final proposal here:

The works of Logo,Animation and Theme Music are being done by ATM and Freddie. Special thanks to Prince for his invaluable suggestions in the preparation of Logo and Animation. The Mascot idea,Proposed by Vishnu Sree, is being worked upon. The official website is under construction by ATM, Jofin, Rahul, Toms etc., and is expected to be launched by 15th of June in the URL:

Soon after the acceptance of the proposal, the Sponsorship Campaign is supposed to start. All are requested to co-operate. We have collected the contacts of promising firms as well as the our pass outs with the help of Jibin and Suma(thanks to them).

All CECians are requested to pass on all the contacts which will help us in gathering sponsorship.

We are thinking of having SUMMIT T-shirts and all are requested to send your suggestions and comments regarding unique colour, design etc. Girl students,please suggest a substitute for the T-shirts for you as many of you wont be using T-shirts.

Keep on visiting our starter web page at

Some of the Posters done by ATM are given below. Comment your suggestions:

P.S: Kindly note that you should never register in any site with cecsummit08[at]gmail[dot]com as email. If you want to register anything in the name of SUMMIT (Some utilities or like that), kindly use the following ID:


However, you may use "cecsummit08" as the username in certain web pages, but don't use the official email ID as your contact ID there.

It's for keeping our official ID clean without spams. Kindly co-operate. The password of this ID is same as that of our official ID.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our ever first Blog....!

Hi all,

We had been discussing the importance of opening a blog for a long time. As our General Convener said, we should indeed keep a track record of what all we do and thereby inform our friends the latest updates.

And it's come true now... Come on... let's rock on....